iMac or macbook pro?


I was wondering if I should get an iMac or Macbook Pro? I love the speed of the iMac, plus the memory. It also is cheaper than the Macbook Pro. I am homeschooled, and travel from MA to FL every year, and found the iLugger. I code, play minecraft and starcraft, and didn't know if you had any recommendations on portability vs speed + memory?


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    Well for portability the Macbook Pro wins outright but it you are planning on doing heavier task and plan to expand your gaming then I would go ahead and buy the iMac.. The iMac would be faster but also it's a desktop computer so that really isn't a fair comparison..
    The Macbook Pro still does offer an overall good amount of speed... I have a Macbook Pro and it does rather well with Minecraft on top graphics and shading for me with minimal ag only at very busy moments.. I would personally get the iMac but overall it's your choice

    • Answered by Jacob W from Pulaski
    • May 24, 2013