imac vs macbook pro for video editing

I am a high school student and am looking to upgrade from my dell. I will be doing video recording/editing, photo shop, and school work on it both in my eyes can do the job but which is better, Thank you

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    I am a mature guy and use an iMac for photo editing with photoshop & Lightroom but I don't move around like students do so don't need a laptop.
    It depends on what you can afford and if you need to be mobile.

    I purchased a refurbished 27" 2009 model almost 3 yeas ago and it has been great. In terms of computing the best investment have I ever made.
    I used to have a 24" dell screen before, so was used to having space to work in but the 27" is obviously much better for editing, giving more space to have all the pallets outside the editing area and able to view much larger images (better on the eyes). You can do all this on a 24" but better still on the 27".

    Great for managing, comparing and editing images in Lightroom & Photoshop. Also good for viewing two or more documents or programmes at the same time. I don't do video editing but guess the same benefits will apply.

    Like most things in life it all comes down to what you really need & of course cost.

    Eric H Cornwall UK

    • Answered by Eric H
    • Nov 20, 2013
  • I am also a high school student with the same question. I was considering a macbook pro because it is portable but I realized I rarely ever move my current laptop from my desk when editing video. I use an imac in my school video production lab and really like it so I am leaning towards that as of now. Let me know if you decide which one you will purchase.

    • Answered by K S
    • Aug 11, 2013