Is 128 GB Macbook air enough memory for a college student?

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    Should be enough. Cause in college you have to do all those coursework and stuff right? But if there is not enough space at the end, I highly recommend getting a harddrive of 500GB or more for less than $100. This is more efficient than buying the 256GB MacBook Air.

    Hope this helped! :)

    • Answered by Toh W
    • Oct 21, 2013
  • No, ... or.. depends on the use and career but if it is for an engineering, the software you need, at least end up with a maximum capacity in less than 3 months. for designers is similar. Clearly, if it is not your main computer is an excellent choice, but I would recommend that starts with 8g ram and 256 SSD, for at least two years

    • Answered by Javier A from México
    • Jul 20, 2014