Is a Macbook Air 11" good enough for casual gaming, or do I need a 13"?

I really want a new MacBook Air, and, like most Americans, I really don't want to waste any money on something that will work just as well as the cheaper one.

I play internet games, the Sims 3 and Medieval, and will probably get Adobe CS5. Will the 11" work for all of this or do I need to 13"?

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    Well the 11 inch and 13 inch Macbook Airs can have the exact same hardware (processor, memory, RAM) on the inside; so a bigger screen doesn't mean more performance.

    For playing internet games and the Sims, it'll do fine but won't run as smoothly as on, say a 13 inch Macbook Pro. You could get away with those games on Macbook Air but when you're using a processor-intensive app like Adobe CS5, it won't run or edit photos that fast. You'd be better off with a 13 inch Macbook Pro.

    On Macbook Air: casual gaming: yes
    photo editing: no

    • Answered by Peter N from Montreal
    • Jan 3, 2012