is a macbook air 128gb flash storage enough

i would be using it for surfing the web, doing emails and photo ediding, and writing quite a few documents in office.

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    email and documents take up very little space. Music and photo editing can take up a good bit of space. A 128 GB SSD should suffice for all of those things in most cases. I'd suggest you get a cheap external harddrive (500 GB about the size of your wallet for <$100) instead of forking out cash for a 256 GB SSD. These little external hard drives are tiny, cheap and connect via USB without the need for a separate power supply. Alternatively, you can connect an external USB harddrive directly to your Apple Airport Extreme wireless router. This gives you wireless access to the drive when at home (or via internet if you are a very advanced user). Another really good option is the PogoPlug. The PogoPlug plugs into any router to provide your own personal cloud storage. The PogoPlug is about $70 on amazon. Add a USB harddrive to PogoPlug. In about 5 minutes, even a novice user will be up an running with access to an wirelessly attached storage device (cloud storage). The PogoPlug or similar personal cloud storage devices, your harddrive size will no longer matter (provided you are on your home network or connected to the internet)

    Software and video are much more likely to eat up your harddrive space. If you install lots of software or download video (Youtube, TV or movies), then you will run out of disk space very quickly.

    In summary, there are lots of good alternatives to paying outrageous prices for larger SSD drives on your MacBook Air.

    • Answered by Chris A from Norristown
    • Nov 12, 2011
  • honestly i have a pro and when i looked at how much i used i used only about 110 gb. This surprised me. I surf the web A LOT, use word a lot, use powerpoint, and am a heavy itunes user. the only thing im not sure with your situation is photo editing

    • Answered by Robert B from Potomac
    • Jan 16, 2011