Is a Macbook Pro 13" or 15" better for me?

I'm in High School and thinking of investing in a Macbook Pro. I don't do anything too technical but I do use the Sims 3 and Photoshop and may get some other games (I'm not a complete gamer, that definitely is not my primary use) I was wondering if the 13" would be okay for me or if it would be better to go with the 15"? Also if the 15" is a bit too big?

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    They will both get those tasks done very well. I am also in the middle of making that big decision and every time i go to the apple store to decide on the 13" it gets smaller. The last time i went, the 13" looked really small to me and the 15" looked a bit too big, but i think it is better to get the one that is slightly bigger than the one that is too small because as time goes by in my opinion it will get smaller to you. But they will both perform the task well so the screen size decision is really up to you:)

    • Answered by Gabriella W from Palm Beach Gardens
    • Sep 19, 2012