Is a Windows PC better than a Mac

In the Windows website they compare apple products with their own products. By their side of view windows isnt too bad. I'm thinking of buying a PC should I buy windows or Mac?

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    This really can depend on how good you are with technology. If you are someone who doesn't know much about computers or laptops mac is definitely for you, mac is an easy operating system to use. If you are into tech windows pc is the right choice for you, on pc you can make it last for a very long time. This can be done by changing many parts in the pc case/box which can help you make it last. So overall it depends on how you are going to use and how good you are with using technology.

    • Answered by Anu B from Artarmon
    • May 29, 2015
  • A lot of these views are extremely biased, as this is an apple forum. I prefer pc, because i feel that their is a higher level of customisability surrounding both the hardware and software. Obviously, both have their advantages and disadvantages. I feel that if your biggest problem with windows is the viruses, maybe your problem isnt the operating system but the user his or herself, not being smart. One big advantage with pcs are that if you build your own from scratch, you really can save a lot of money and get much better perfomance. My $1200 custom built gaming rig will out perform any macintosh laptop on the market for $1200 in every way, shape, and form other than memory storage. The biggest advantage that apple has (which really isnt that big in my opinion) is the speed in which you can store data using their custom pci-e flash storage. Macs are very well built. You wont have to repair them much as long as you dont abuse them. But that small privilage is only worth that pretty penny to someone that isnt extremely tech savvy. Im 13 years old, and have experiience with both. In my opinion, Pc is a better way to go for more techinichal things. If you want a pc for everyday use, even a $500 laptop may be a better choice than a mac, but it really just all depends what you are using it for (:. I hope you are happy with whatever decision you make.

    • Answered by J Aaron Z from San Bernardino
    • Aug 12, 2015
  • Until about a a year ago I had always used a Windows based machine, and in my work environment I still do. However for home use I switched to an iMac about a year ago. Surprisingly the reason for the change was believe it or no related to cost. How can that be you say when comparing the two the Apple products are close to twice as expensive as PCs? Over the last 6 years I have gone through 4 Windows based machines. Every one of them started to slow down after about 6 months due to the garbage that infects Windows machines. I also started seeing the infamous Blue Screen of Death which would often wipe out hours of work. One unit had a screen failure. I tried various anti malware and anti virus programs which while running in the background would slow the machine down to a snails pace

    After much research I ended up purchasing a refurbished iMacabout a year ago. To date I have never seen a blue screen of death, or suffered a crash, the iMac is as fast today as the day I purchased it, actually it is faster since I upgraded the memory from 8 to 24Mb. since I do a lot of photo work. Cost-wise based on my experience so far, I will have this machine for at least 8 years, based on my previous PC experience I would have purchased 6 Windows based machines. One Mac is a lot less expensive than 5 or 6 Windows based PCs.

    The one precaution that I do have to mention is the fact that if you have been or are using a Windows based machine you have to go through about a one month learning curve to transition to the Mac. Other than that the choice is a no-brainer.

    • Answered by Janene H from Bernalillo
    • Apr 28, 2015
  • Hello Chandira G,
    Macs are faster, easier and much better than Windows. You see, not only the hardware is good, but the operating system is also very good. I have had a Windows 10 before, but when I started using mac, I started to actually get things done.

    • Answered by Xiao Chuan H from Vancouver
    • Jul 12, 2015
  • Don't get a PC!! They are huge and are so hard to carry around. They get viruses so easily and die after like an hour after you charge it. I got a PC for Christmas from my grandmom and since then I've been begging my dad for a Mac.

    • Answered by Sarina C from Phila.
    • Jul 20, 2015
  • Go for Mac its best compare to other...

    • Answered by Shadab H from Organic Chemistry
    • May 25, 2015