Is an iMac a good office computer for my business?

I am the owner of a small start up company that has now expanded enough to move into a small office and have two other employees besides myself. I'm trying to make an informed decision about what type of computer to bring into the office for them to work on while they're there. I would like some help and opinions! Thank you!

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    Hi Kirsten. I read your question while browsing the Apple store and wanted to share my experience with you. I too have a small business and have been using a windows desktop for two years. My family and I all have MacBook Pro's for personal use. The reason I used a Windows machine for business was running AutoCAD. Basically, I can report no problems whatsoever with the Macs thru the years. TIme Capsule back ups are always up to date, printers always work and generally no issues with the Apple gear. My office machine however has been nothing but problems. I have turned into the office IT guy trying to constantly fix or debug simple WIndows issues for employees and quite frankly, I don't have the time. I have tried to be diligent about manually backing up the Windows machine once a month but I sometimes forget. Anyway, the reason I was on the Apple site today was that the Wiindows machine wouldn't boot this past weekend and after spending 2 days on it, it appears that the operating system failed to load and deleted data. Last back up was February 13 so I have a month worth of data deleted. Some of the data was client transactions, purchase orders, etc in Quickbooks and will take me weeks to restore manually, if even possible. If I had been using an iMac or MacMini for business and just running Parallels for the Windows software, I would likely have only lost a few hours worth of data. The reality is that if I had been using an Apple product, the issue would likely have never happened. Apple products just work. They are user friendly. They are stable. That's just the reality. I will be picking up a new iMac today with a second monitor and throwing the old Windows machine away. Good luck with your decision and your business!

    • Answered by Christopher L M from Cos Cob
    • Mar 18, 2014