Is it worth buying a macbook pro now?

With the recentish refresh of the macbook air, I was wondering if it is worth buying a 15' Macbook Pro now? I am looking at the market for a machine that will handle schoolwork and games (I mainly play RPG's and some shooters) Besides, I am getting sick of microsofts horrible (I could use many other words, very bad words) OS (I only used it for compatability, but it seems to me that things are starting to even out, even if it is still bad, Mac OS is being more supported) And I love the looks of apple products. So, please post your suggestions! I don't want to buy it to find out a few weeks later a refresh is on the way.

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    Yep! I bought a refurbished Macbook Pro, its brand new only difference is theres no box. Saved £350 and love it. No brainer. I'll be buying refurbished from now on.

    • Answered by Andrew G
    • Dec 19, 2013