Is it worth upgrading the MBPr 13" RAM and CPU?

I am think of buying my first mac - the 13inch retina display mac book pro with 256gb ssd. I will mainly using if for the usual browsing and word processing etc but also may play e occasional game (low settings), do some very low key photo editing and run windows through bootcamp. I have always been a believer in upgrading components if necessary to get some extra longevity out of the machine. My question is this: does anyone have any experience of how much of a benefit the upgrade to 16gb of RAM and 2.6ghz CPU will give me? Even if there is little benefit now is it likely they will give me a but more life in the machine? I realise these are probably difficult questions to answer, but am not use to not being able to get my tools out and add another stick of RAM etc so want to make the right decision!

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