Is Macbook Air 64GB better?

I am in 7th grade and will probably be using this laptop into high school (probably until college, mostly.) I am also purchasing this laptop by myself. I will use it for documents, web searching, making pictures, and the occasional movie/movie trailer on iMovie. Does this sound good? I will probably delete files every year or two for maximum space, but would I still run out too quickly?

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    MacBook Air 64GB should be more than sufficient for iWork and internet. The only limitation is the small storage and lack of CD drive. An external HDD should solve the problem of small storage. The CD drive is hardly of any use these days. So it is not a real limitation. But the screen is a bit small. If you're fine with it and want to save money, the 64GB 11" version is worth considering.

    • Answered by Karthik S from Cupertino
    • May 22, 2013