Is MacBook Air or Pro better for an art student?

I'm going to be starting at an art college in the fall and would like to know if I should get a MacBook Air or Pro? I will being doing a lot of photography and editing on it and want to know which would be better for photoshop and other editing software like it. I would also being on the web and doing basic college stuff such as projects and essays as well.

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    I would recommend the Pro and get as much RAM in the system as you can. 8gb is fine, but 16gb is ideal. Now you also have to make that choice the first time because you can't upgrade anymore, so I'd get 16gb. I use a 13" air at work w/ a 27" monitor and have no problem with web design work in PS, but photography work can be more intense so the initial upgrade in raw cpu power that the pro has is necessary. So definitely a pro, definitely get as much RAM as possible (16 is ideal), and minimum 256gb ssd (I recommend 512gb).

    • Answered by Zachary P. F from East Haven
    • May 19, 2014
  • I am a professional graphic artist / designer. Photo editiing - post processing requires a goodly amount of processing power as well as storage. Certain filters within Photoshop (as well as Adobe Illustrator) pull a lot of RAM out of your computer, especially when you have several applications running at the same time. Bottom line: Go for the fastest processor and add as much RAM memory as you can afford. Additionally, as digital cameras (both, DLSRs and video) are moving toward bigger and bigger files sizes, you will find yourself eating up storage space faster than you anticipated. I would recommend a minimum of 500GB internal storage (either ATA Serial or SSD). Hint: Between internal HD and external HD, I have 3TB.......and its filling up!
    Hope this helps

    • Answered by Roger B from Elk Grove Village
    • May 7, 2014
  • It sounds like you will be running a lot of high powered software there. I'd say the MacBook Pro is the best bet for you because it allows you to get the most processing speed and memory possible.

    • Answered by Bryce H from Anna
    • Apr 25, 2014