Is the 2013 MacBook Air powerful enough for music production?

Hello I was looking to purchase a new Macbook for web surfing, some word processing and also Music Production. I was looking to use propellerhead reason to produce rap,hip hop and R&B music. There won't really be any live song recording, just music production. I was wondering if the new MACBOOK AIR would be suitable enough? I was looking at the MacBook Air because of the portability (travel back and forth to work,occasionally out of town) and because its somewhat "future proof". Or would the MacBook Pro retina be more suitable for me? 13 inch.

  • Asked by fn from Cleveland Heights

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    I'm responding to you from my brand new macbook air, bought for the very purpose of music production. I previously had a top spec 15 inch macbook pro (2010) which has now become too slow for the software I use, so an upgrade was in order.

    Looking at the current range I found the current macbook pros to be rather bad in terms of cost effectiveness; the macbook airs have newer processors and SSDs than the current pros. I went for a top spec 13 inch with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD and the i7 processor, and have found it to be more than adequate for my needs. Projects which would bring my old laptop to a standstill are played with ease on my new one, and the fan is barely audible. Running time machine backups or other programmes in the background doesn't bring it to its knees and music production has become pleasurable again.

    I have only tried with Ableton 9 thus far, so cannot vouch for other DAWs, but the speed increase is significant. It doesn't even feel like it's trying.

    • Answered by Andy M
    • Aug 21, 2013