Is the mac book air or the mac book pro better?

I am a fresman in highschool and I want to start editing videos and pictures and maybe start a youtube channel. Also I would be using it for regular things such as browsing the internet and things like that. So I was wondering which was better for this?

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    If you wish to edit videos, then probably a macbook pro retina 13" will be the best for you.

    The reason is simply performance - a MacBook Air is designed for normal use - FaceTime, email, Facebook, watching videos.

    If you do something resource intensive, like rendering, or producing videos, or playing video games, you'll want the fastest cpu and the most memory, along with an SSD drive.

    So if its producing or editing videos, the Retina Macbook pros is my recommendation.

    I edit and produce videos, by the way...on a macbook pro retina 13".

    • Answered by Jack S from Wilmette
    • Dec 31, 2013
  • Dear Ronna...both the MacBooks have their own advantages.......if you'll be carrying your macbook everywhere .....then you should go with the macbook air.....cause its veri light....But if you're gonna keep it and use it mostly at your home....then u shd go with the pro...since it has better audio...better display and better user experience than the air....i myself have purchased both the MacBooks and i am more satisfied with the pro....although it is kinda heavy.......One more thing u may or might not know is that none of MacBooks have a slot for cd....

    so final conclusion - if the wight of the macbook is not an issue...then go with the pro :) ....definitly the pro...:)

    • Answered by Akshit G
    • Apr 28, 2014
  • Both of them can really do the task you wish to do. However it depend on your pocket buying mac book air can be lest cheaper than mac book pro but you can go for mac pro if you enough money if not go for mac air.


    • Answered by Alexandre B
    • Nov 29, 2014