Is The newest MacBook Pro retena display or MacBook Air a better choice for me?

I am on social media sites, use iTunes a lot! Music, tv shows and movies, I like watching YouTube clips, tv show on amazon. I keep photos on Flickr. I was thinking a little photoshop but I am not a pro. I want to get into using Rosetta Stone to. I use my ipad and iphone more but need a laptop yet. I skype/FaceTime with my family out of state. I want it to last for a few years, I can't afford to upgrade often. What specs should I aim for to? I want good without spending too much. I will keep most movie/tv show in icloud and just keep music on computer mostly. I have a 500gb HD now that is almost full of movies but I don't need them all on there anymore with the new feature with icloud where you cAn watch from there.
My Internet speed at 1.5 Mbps is not the fastest so I do have to keep that in mind. I do also have Apple TV

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