Is the trackpad (on the late 2011 Macbook Pro model) able to click down (make a clicking noise) or just tap click?

I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro model. Is the multi touch trackpad supposed to be able to click down (as in, make an actual noise) or can it only tap click? I have been using this model for a few months and I've always wondered why it isn't able to click down but it can tap click. Is this a problem with my trackpad?

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    All multi-touch trackpads have the click ability whereby you press anywhere on the trackpad and it physically clicks. Even the newest Retina Display Macbook Pro's and the latest Macbook Air's.

    I reckon this is a problem with your trackpad; there could be something blocking the click button from underneath the trackpad (only accessible after opening up your Macbook Pro and removing the battery). If it's been like this since you bought it then it's most definitely a defect from the factory, if it's developed recently then you should get it checked out at an Apple Store.

    One a side note, are you sure you're pressing down hard enough? Not that you need to apply excessive force. Also, remember you can only really press about half an inch from the top of the trackpad as the click mechanism is behind the lower portion of the trackpad.

    • Answered by Michael B
    • Sep 3, 2012
  • Yes, it clicks. Which is fortunate, because the tap functionality is not enabled until after you log in, so without clicking right now, you couldn't log in to your computer.

    • Answered by George W from New Rochelle
    • Jan 26, 2013