Is there a programme or soft wear to colour Black and White old photos for I photo?

i found some old B&W photos of my ancestors and I wish to edit to remove scratches and add colour to them to make it presentable, is it possible ? I have an Apple Mac Book Pro 13" Lap Top OS Lion. Please give me some help, this will make so many relatives very happy. With kind regards, N.Rao

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  • I have used Photoshop Elements to edit old B&W photos as well as the numerous slide photographs that my mother took over many years. I scan the photos and slides into my MacBook where I do my editing. But, of course, the software would also work just fine on a MacBook Pro. I started using PE 2 on an old iMac (still works). I am now up to PE 8 on a MacBook OS 10.6.8. There are newer versions that would be compatible with your OS.

    The slide photos have all sorts of flaws from dust and other debris that had accumulated on them. Old B&W photos can also need a lot of editing and touching up. This software is also capable of "colorizing" your B&W photo, although I personally have not done this type of edit.

    There are probably other kinds of photo-editing software out there, but I like Photoshop Elements because it has many features for a reasonable price.

    • Answered by Evelyn J. H from Lexington
    • Feb 17, 2014
  • you cant add colour to black and white photo graphs because it only has 2 colour channels, black and white. To add colour you need either red, green and blue channels or cyan, magenta, yellow and black channels. Your pictures don't have enough channels to create colour other than black and white. You could make the black and white stand out more by increasing the saturation and contrast in iPhoto or any other editing suit.

    • Answered by Jas N from Lymm
    • Feb 2, 2014