Is there a Word Processor included on MacBook Pro?

What is the best / simplest Word Processor for student use on MacBook Pro?

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    Yes there is a word processor on the Macbook Pro its called 'Pages' its just like Microsoft Word. You could even buy Microsoft Office if you wish to.

    I like to use pages because all of my documents get saved on the icloud and i can get them on my iPhone.

    • Answered by Lee M
    • Dec 7, 2013
  • I use Pages for most stuff, but my son needed to format in columns, which is a feature that the current version of Pages does not support very well (though earlier versions did, and future versions probably will). Until Pages does this sort of thing better, I use NeoOffice. It is inexpensive and has the most important features historically in MS Office without the really weird interface that MS Office has evolved toward. Word has too many features. One cannot find a feature in any product burdened by this many features.

    So, mostly, I use Pages, and whenever it doesn't do the trick, I use NeoOffice, available in the App Store.

    • Answered by Will M from Charlottesville
    • Oct 30, 2014
  • Pages

    • Answered by David L from Holderness
    • Oct 4, 2014