Is there _any_ way I can still purchase a 15" non-retina MacBook Pro with 1680x1050 matte display?

I've had the 15" standard MacBook Pro with the upgraded 1680px matte display on my radar to purchase, and now it's no longer available. Is there _any_ way to still order these? (I do see a refurb model, but I'm asking about purchasing new.)

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    I was gonna say refurbished, but if you want new then I would look else where online. Or possibly chat with apple and see if they still have any in stock laying around.

    And to be honest the refurbs are not bad at all. My sister bought a refurb 15" non retina, came in the box like new. Just like mine did when I bought it new. And you still get all the warranty that a brand new one gets.

    Trust me Apple is not gonna sell you a beat up refurb.

    • Answered by Enrique V from Kyle
    • Oct 23, 2013