Is Windows Photoshop CS5 compatible with Air Mac?

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    Adobe has both Windows and Mac versions of Photoshop (and other CS5 products). Although the Windows version won't run on a Mac, Adobe offers an option to convert your license from PC to Mac. You'll need to deactivate the PC version and install the software on the Mac. Photoshop will run fine on a Macbook Air. Contact Adobe directly for more information.

    • Answered by Martin J from Westford
    • Jan 17, 2011
  • It's almost more a matter of how effectively Photoshop CS5 will work. As most know, Photoshop CS programs are memory hogs. So when you are looking at an Air Mac or any other system you are going to want to look at the system requirements for that program, and then go larger than what that program requires.

    The main reason I say that, especially for the Photoshop CS programs, is you are more than likely going to be downloading rather large image files onto your hard drive, and unless you are downloading them, then immediately transferring them to an external hard drive to work on them, you are going to see them bogging down your system fairly quickly. I've seen it way to many times where someone will buy a system that they think is large enough for Photoshop, but then forget that 100 18mpxl images downloaded at one time, plus all the other programs they have on their system all tend to take up space.

    So the short answer is to look at the system requirements. If you are a student and are buying the program at your book store, most book stores are selling CS5 Extended, which is HUGE, so really pay attention.

    • Answered by Lisa H from Boise
    • Jan 13, 2011
  • From what I understand, you can port license if you're using CS5.5. I got that answer from the Adobe support. I have CS4 and CS5 and they want me to upgrade to CS5.5 if I want to port it to my new MacBook which probably I wouldn't do. If you want to keep your Adobe CS5, try to use VMware Fusion and install windows in it and your CS5. I just don't want to spend another $$$ to upgrade for now. It's cheaper than upgrading...

    • Answered by Raymond A from Parlin
    • Apr 6, 2012