I've read I can transfer my entire ITunes library (music & movies) from a Windows PC to a new MacBook using an external hard drive.

Is there a specific kind of hard drive I need to look for? Would the Genius Bar do all of this for me if I pay the $100 fee when I buy the Mac? Someone told me that they cant transfer ITunes but I find that hard to believe.

2 Answers from the Community

  • you would probably be better off getting a 3TB TimeCapsule and backing up your iTunes to that in a shared folder and then transferring them to the Mac. Then you not only have a ton of storage space that is formatted to run seamlessly with your shiny new Mac,, but you also have one of the best wireless routers on the market

    • Answered by Nate R from Shepard
    • Aug 21, 2011
  • YOu don't need to use External Hard Drive you can use iCloud

    • Answered by Thevanesan S
    • Jan 29, 2012