Mac Book Pro 128GB Flash Storage or 750GB Serial ATA, 5400 rpm

Please help! I am looking to buy my son a new laptop as he is starting college and needs a good all around laptop. He will be using laptop for school as well as things like ITunes. Not into computer gaming. I am looking at the Apple refurbished Mac Book Pro
( 2options)

#1 13" with retina display
128 GB flash storage
8GB memory
2.5Ghz dual core i5 processor
3MB shared L3 cache

#2 13"
750GB serial ATA, 5400 rpm
8GB memory
2.9GHz dual core i7 processor
4MB shared L3 cache

They are the same price I just dont know what option would be the best for his needs? Any help would be appreciated.....Thank You

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