mac book pro 13 or mac book pro 13 retna for writing papers, editing photos, surfing the web, music, possibly some art etx.....

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  • don't waste the extra cash on the retina model, the regular version will perform slightly better since the RAM isn't being sucked into the display, battery life will be better, and to be honest, a regular 1900x1440 or 1280x800 display would look just fine. Also it could be argued that the new Macbook Air would serve this purpose for you as well, it's specs are pretty darn decent and you'd save far more money by doing that, because although not a quad core I have learned through experience that raw power isn't everything, and that Apple is pretty good at making sure most things work on most of their systems.

    My dell optiplex 320 runs modern games and it's a single core from 2001 and I do art from it, because the software I use although "underpowered" is optomized and utilizes every aspect of my computer with ease. So I am most certain that the Pro 13 is enough for your work, and if money is a concern get an Air, SSD, same RAM, lighter, better battery!

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Brad A from Lancaster
    • Aug 7, 2013