mac mini server macbook air

I am looking to get a mac however the one I would love to get I cannot afford and probably wouldnt be able to for quite a long time (mbp retina). On my current budget I am contemplating getting a mac mini server since it has a quad core processor, or a macbook air with the 8gb of flash memory. What I would like to achieve with the machine is things like audio recording with ableton/logic, potenitally some photo/video editing and the odd video game (just WoW and Diablo 3) and watching movies and listening to music of course. I am wondering which of these would accomplish this the best? I have had a normal mac mini before this current refresh which it was ok but it chugged a bit and I am hoping with the upgrade of the server version and the quad core processor it might help, or even the speed of the air. I do not know much about mac performance as I do not currently own one and my old mini did not stay with me that long as it did not do what I wanted really.

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