Mac Mini vs. Mac Mini Server, which is better for a media server?

I want to hook a mini into my HDTV/Home Theater to act as a sort of media server. I figure the mini will be better than AppleTV because it can do more. The price of the mini server intrigues me and I won't need the SuperDrive. Will the server software run iTunes, Quicktime, VLC, Chrome, Safari, etc? What's the catch?

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    I've found that the mini server runs everything that the regular mini does except for some antivirus software. I bought it myself mainly for the two drives. The server configuration is more complicated than the regular OS so expect to spend some time learning how to be a server admin if you go the server route.

    Out of the box, the server isn't configured in a RAID. So I suggest that you reformat a system with two drives as a RAID before you set everything up for the added speed.

    Optimal solution for me would be the server hardware with the normal OS as I just don't use any of the server features. Unless you're broadcasting Quicktime, etc.. you probably don't need the server version.

    • Answered by Ronald C from Shrewsbury
    • Jun 21, 2011