Mac Mini vs. Macbook Air

I am looking to purchase my first Apple Computer and can't decide on what system to decide on. Just looking for suggestion before I make a decision.

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    macbook air is a little bit pricy compared to mac mini. but here a few points to chew:

    macbook air
    have screen
    fast ssd though the base unit for 11" is 64gb which will be the downside, a little upgrade to 128 will break your budget literally. Unless you have cash to spare.
    mobility, you could take it anywere, you could even hook it up to a tv via HDMI (via minidisplay port/thunderbolt).

    mac mini:
    cost less
    the higher model is only $799 compared to base model of air which is $999
    mini have greater graphics card on higher model, recent air have intel.
    more connectivity option
    down side, is that mac mini doesnt have monitor. you need to purchase additional.
    gaming flexibility would be much better, and if you want to install windows via bootcamp will be easier or accommodating.

    both are:
    no dvd/cd rom drive

    in term of what you do, the only thing that you need to consider is the mobility, do need a laptop that you can bring with you anywere anytime. mac mini can also be portable interms of movement, but need a power socket everytime it needs to run.

    if your targeting mobility but want to have the power of mini, why not go for mbp, which give you the power of both.

    • Answered by Angelo Bryan P from Las Pinas City
    • Feb 1, 2012
  • I would go with the Macbook Air, mostly because of the portability. A portable computer is such a helpful thing to have.

    • Answered by Peter A from South Portland
    • Jan 29, 2012