Macbook Air 13" or Macbook Pro 15"

I am a high school student and I plan on buying a Macbook Air 13" or Macbook Pro 15". I'm fine in terms of budget. Purpose of having this Macbook is for Photoshop means, video editing means, gaming means and most especially as a requirement for each student in our school, our thesis / research. I love downloading musics and movies and I use social networks and emails a lot. So I would like to be sure before I would buy a Macbook Air 13" or Macbook Pro 15". And I also love going around town and cities along my laptop with me. Cause even in restaurants or coffee shops I do my schoolwork. So which is better for me as a student? Macbook Air 13" or Macbook Pro 15"?

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    The MacBook Air is super portable, so you can take it almost anywhere. But, it doesn't come with as much storage as the MacBook Pro 15", so it couldn't hold as many apps and files as the Pro.
    The MacBook Pro 15" has high-speed graphics, good for playing games. But, it is bigger than the MacBook Air 13", so not as much portability. If you can deal with slower graphics, and only 256 GB of storage, go with the MacBook Air 13". If not, I'd reccomend the MacBook Pro 15".

    • Answered by Joshua S from Denver
    • Mar 30, 2012
  • Since you are doing photo-edits, video edits, and gaming, i would suggest the 15" Macbook Pro because of the better graphics card and faster processor.

    However, with the 15" comes a little extra bulk and weight compared to the 13"

    • Answered by Kien L from Calgary
    • Mar 30, 2012