MacBook Air 13" vs MBPr 13" for College

I will be attending college in the fall of next year. I will major in Finance, and possibly minor in Accounting. I do understand Windows is the preferred OS for business majors, but everywhere I ask People tell me a MacBook is the way to go. I will most likely dual boot Windows if I get a MB. Since I'm going to college at WVU, I will be walking a lot, so I want something that isn't a burden to carry around. I also want something that doesn't take too much time to boot up. I will also need a solid battery life, as I'm not sure how lengthy my day will be. Most of the uses for the MB will be getting on the internet (I usually like to have a lot of tabs open at once), projects for school, and minor gaming such as Minecraft.
So, should I get the MBPr or the MBA?

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    I would get an 11" Air. Weight and bulk are your enemies as a student, especially if you take notes and drop in the library sometimes with the laptop.

    For when you're home doing work, you can hook up a monitor and a mouse/keyboard to be more productive.

    I spent 4 years in college using 3 different laptops for taking notes and doing research, ranging from 3.5 lbs to 7 lbs. They weighed down my bag and were bulky and annoying to tote around everywhere I went.

    If you already have a desktop or laptop at home, I'd actually go even thinner/lighter for your note-taking device (think - tablet with a bluetooth keyboard). There are amazing office/productivity suites for tablets these days...

    • Answered by Eric S from Grand Junction
    • Mar 21, 2014
  • If you can afford it, get the MBPr. I have the MBPr 15" and it isn't too much of a burden to carry around, so the 13" MBPr should be a breeze. The power of the MBPr is strikingly better. Technically the Air has better battery life, but the trade off is muscle. However, if you are dual booting with Windows, I wouldn't get anything less than one with a 512 GB storage space. That will put you at least at the high end 13" at $1,799.00 whereas you can get a MBA with 512 GB for $1,599. That extra 200 dollars pays for a lot of muscle though.

    • Answered by Amber H from Jacksonville
    • Mar 8, 2014