Macbook Air 13-inch or Macbook Pro 13-inch with retina disp?

I cannot decide which one to buy. I had MacBook 13" before and its battery need replacement; it shuts down at 50%. I am considering new MacBook now. I usually use Macbook to do university work and frequently for gaming. I do need to bring my laptop around. These are my primary use of laptop:

-lots of photos (200 folders of them)
-lots of songs
-lots of videos
-lots of documents (word, excel, PDF)
-some video editing
-I need windows too

I aim for 512 GB. Does Macbook Air support that much of flash memory? I would prefer macbook which could stand more multi-tasking, like serious lots of applications open at the same time... Please recommend which MacBook should I buy. I'm having a dilemma because their weight is not that much of a difference.

Thank you,

1 Answer from the Community

  • you should get a pro amazing storage and you can put dvd/cd in it the price is worth it!

    • Answered by Marisa M from Surrey
    • Apr 3, 2015