Macbook Air 13-inch vs Macbook Pro 13-inch

I am a college student and am having a hard time deciding which mac is best for me. Money is a little bit tight and will play a factor in my decision. I'm willing to spend a little bit more if I think it will be best in the long run. Here are some things that I will be doing divided into two sections

MS word
MS powerpoint
lots of email
xcode (for app programming/ development)

personal use:
music (around 4000 songs)
web browsing (youtube, netflix, twitter etc)

Here is what I want in my computer ranked from most important to least important

most practical for xcode *most important
speed (quick opening and closing programs)
storage *least important

Im not sure if the 128gb will be large enough for my storage and I'm planning on getting the 256gb. The biggest wildcard is the xcode. I dont know how much storage xcode projects takes up. If anyone has any suggestions of which mac and what size hard drive I should get please let me know.

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    With the recent release of the new processor (Haswell) in the mac book air that alone would make the air more preferable. The new processer in the air will give you much better battery life and also give you better integrated graphics performance for games.

    The ssd's in the macbook air will be smaller then a standard HDD but the speed of an ssd is much better then an HDD. An SSD will also last longer then a HDD.

    128gb should be enough for you but 256gb is a better bet just in case there is more stuff you want to add. Xcode alone is 4gb and then if you want to add other repositories such as Box 2d the size of xcode can go up. Standard projects done in xcode are not very big but if you start making games the images you use for retina display can be big.

    Wrap up
    Get the macbook air. The new processer wil give you more power in GPU and longer battery life. The SSD is way better then an HDD. 128GB SSD should be enough but its always good to have more space so id go with the 256GB SSD. Macbook air is faster then the macbook pro currently in just about every way. Just remember the Macbook air doesnt have a cd drive which should not mater that much. The Macbook air will last you longer.

    Xcode - is about 4.7GB
    Standard Xcode Projects are no more then 20MB
    Xcode Games can be large but are rarely more then 50MB

    Hope I helped!

    • Answered by Adrian M from San Ramon
    • Aug 4, 2013