Macbook Air 13-inch vs Macbook Pro 13-inch

I am a college student and am having a hard time deciding which mac is best for me. Money is a little bit tight and will play a factor in my decision. I'm willing to spend a little bit more if I think it will be best in the long run. Here are some things that I will be doing divided into two sections

MS word
MS powerpoint
lots of email
xcode (for app programming/ development)

personal use:
music (around 4000 songs)
web browsing (youtube, netflix, twitter etc)

Here is what I want in my computer ranked from most important to least important

most practical for xcode *most important
speed (quick opening and closing programs)
storage *least important

Im not sure if the 128gb will be large enough for my storage and I'm planning on getting the 256gb. The biggest wildcard is the xcode. I dont know how much storage xcode projects takes up. If anyone has any suggestions of which mac and what size hard drive I should get please let me know.

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