MacBook Air - 2Gb or 4GB?

Tired of lugging my 15 inch MBP around - just too heavy. Love my iPad but it's not great for working on when travelling, so thinking of an 11 inch Air.

I'll be keeping the iPad and MBP so the Air would be used for MS Word, email, Internet, light photo editing, some iTunes.

Will 2Gb RAM be sufficient and speedy enough? The air will have a minimal amount of software added to it, not used for photo storage or very much music storage. I ask because my one year old MBP has only 2Gb of RAM, but frequently gives the SBOD. But then it does have a ton of software on it and a massive photo and music library.

Thanks - ad ice and opinion appreciated.


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    In the Macbook air, the flash storage helps to speed it up quite a lot, I went from a 13 inch i5 with 4 gb of ram to the 11 inch macbook air i5 with 2gb of ram, and I actually found it noticeably faster in everyday tasks like you have described.

    • Answered by Blake P
    • Apr 5, 2012