Macbook Air or IPad for a High School student?

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    I own an iPad mini and love it. I just graduated from High School last month! Throughout High School though, the iPad mini was barely enough (and thats because I bought Pages and Keynote from the app store to do homework). Now that I am going to college, I am researching to see if my iPad mini will still be enough. So far, I have determined I will need an actual laptop. I suggest you get the Macbook Air as it can do everything a High School student needs. I trust that the Macbook could last all the way to college. Note that you will also need to buy Microsoft Office for the Macbook, but you would have to buy it for any laptop in both High School and College.

    Now that I am going to college, my only problem is deciding to get either the Macbook Pro or the Macbook Air. I hope this helped.

    • Answered by James Y from El Paso
    • Jul 5, 2013