MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for slight gaming

Hi Guys

I want to know if a 13-inch MacBook Air would do for a bit of gaming. Games like Diablo 3, minecraft, team fortress 2, starcraft 2

I also live in New Zealand so for the best MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro with retina display base model its $2,199 so i would prefer to spend $1,589 instead.

Now for my last question! I watched the 2013 WWDC on youtube a while ago and when it came to the OSX Mavericks part they said that Mavericks completely redoes the RAM usage. Does that mean that when Mavericks comes out you won't need much RAM anymore for gaming?

Hugh, New Zealand

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    Hello, i am currently using a 13" inch macbook pro from early 2011. I also have tried out the developer preview of Mac OS X 10.9 on my friends laptop. so far, from what I have been seeing, RAM (Random Access Memory), is not used much for gaming, but more or less for multitasking (game + 10 tabs on browser + itunes + finder = ~ 5-6 gb of RAM, even when everything except for itunes is in "App Nap"). For some thing like the next array in the parentheses, you really will be set with 4gb of RAM (game + ~ 2-3 browser tabs). Now onto gaming, for minecraft I usually get ~ 60fps w/o recording with everything on high, and about 30-40 while recording, so be careful my friend about what you are doing while you game :). For diablo 3, team fortress 2, and starcraft 2, i will attempt to leave you hyperlinks down below. EDIT: Can't enter hyperlinks :(
    Macbook Air 13 inch:
    Team Fortress 2 : 50-80 fps max settings
    Starcraft 2: 25-35 fps high settings, 1440 - 900
    Diablo 3: 20-40fps on all high settings bar shadows, no AA, 720p (15-25fps at 1440x900 with AA)

    Got results off of macrumor's Yixian

    Macbook Pro 13 inch (mid 2012, not mine) results will be slightly lower due to less performance going towards gpu, and more towards cpu

    Macbook Pro 15 inch with retina display:
    Diablo 3: all settings max, and anti aliasing on, full RETINA resolution, always 30fps<
    Starcraft 2: 2880x1800, ultra texture, and extreme graphics. Played a regular 2v2. No lag, consistent 30+ fps
    TF2: 80-100 fps max settings

    Overall, the mbp will be better for gaming, and other extreme tasks, but if you need a light machine that can do a little bit of gaming too, the Macbook Air will be a well fitting choice for you. Note: minecraft will be over 60 fps on either of these.

    • Answered by Preston S from Clifton Springs
    • Sep 25, 2013