Macbook Air or Macbook pro- student

Im a student and currently deciding over the 13'' macbook air or 13'' macbook pro. For me portability isnt a huge asset but i want something that will be super fast and suit the following
Alot of internet surfing
about 350 songs
20-30 apps
Some photo/video editing(adobe CS6 and Imovie)
Microsoft office

Also i was wandering if 128gb would be enough for my needs(will it slow down if i use to much space)........ i will also be buying an external hard drive for edited photos and videos and want to know long both macbooks can last me
Thank you

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    Ultimately you will get more for your money buying a standard MacBook Pro (without retina display), and if portability is not an issue this would probably be the way to go. The hard disk access will be slower but for your tasks as a student this should not be a problem and you could benefit from the savings of not having to buy the additional USB DVD drive for the MacBook Air, and delaying buying external storage as the MacBook Pro (without retina display) comes with a decent sized hard drive. You will also get a faster processor with the MacBook Pro which you will notice when using Photo editing software and iMovies. Expect the MacBook Pro to last 2-3 years and the MacBook Air to last about 2 years. Although this is only a guide as technology is always moving forward and Apple’s product cycle is subject to change without notice.

    • Answered by Tr T
    • Dec 20, 2012