MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Im a guitarist and im a student as well... im in need of something like a mobile guitar rig and something that i can use for classwork.

in the simplest of descriptions... something that is small, compact,light and powerful enough to carry about in a backpack and use it for school projects and still be able to use it for Photo/movie editing and garageband.

really appreciate the feedback.

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    Hey Andrew,
    I would recommend Mac Book Air for you as it runs Photoshop super smooth, storage is great, really thin and light weight and has battery up to 12 hours (whereas Mac Book Pro gives you 7 hours battery). To sum up, it has almost all that Pro offer but in a more compatible manner. The only drawback Air has is that it does NOT offer a CD drive.
    I hope this help. :)

    • Answered by Paridhi B
    • Jul 7, 2013