Macbook (Air or Pro) vs Windows-Based PC for Business

How easily can a Macbook Pro (or Air) replace a windows-based PC to support a traveling consultant with the following needs:
1) Easily connect to a client wireless network
2) Easily connect to a client wired network
3) Easily connect to a client email server with a client provided email address
4) Ability to work with SAP GUI and other business applications (Excel, Powerpoint, Project and Word)
5) Ease of working with large Excel files containing 500k records

Im looking migrate from windows-PC, but am very concerned as a small business owner the ease of integration with client network and communication software.

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    If you want to use Excel, Powerpoint or Word stick with WIndows as the Mac version is not a patch on the Windows one. Frustrating to use with drop downs the lack of a right click makes copy and paste painful and slow , no auto preview of changes in font size or colours, in short it is like going back to 2003.
    I brought an air book for just this reason and I wish I had not

    • Answered by Treve J from Seddon
    • Apr 22, 2013
  • i would suggest apple (mac or pro, that u can decide). apple has much more advanced software, and it wont fail of crash on u like some windows computers or laptops. the speed is the key, with such advanced processors, and and advanced wireless chips, to me, is kind of foolish not to go for apple. so yes, u can easily connect to ur business networks, e-mails, etc. yes, im pretty sure u can get a word-proccessing software that is equal to microsoft office, and yes, it is easy to work with large files. this is wat i suggest.

    • Answered by Dheeraj R from Parlin
    • Nov 25, 2012