Macbook Air vs iPad 1 or 2 + iphone

I am in my 60's and want to replace my note taking system -( i take lots of notes with clients and currently use notebook paper and have three huge notebooks in my office) with either an Ipad with a bluetooth keyboard, or get a MacbookAir (back problems). I have an Imac at home.
I don't think i will use it for much else, and i love the portability of the ipad. Then i wonder if i should just get the ipad 1st gen, and a smart phone, which i think i really need for stuff like using apps and finding businesses when i'm out.

Obviously i'm an indecisive person, help!

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    This is quite an old question with no answers! I have just gone through the whole Macbook Air/IPAD 2 decision. For what you say you want an iPAD is fine. The best explanation I read was if you want to create content use a Macbook/Air, if you want to consume it use an IPAD, your notes don't sound like hardcore creation.. I was going to buy an AIR but having seen the ultimate convenience of the IPAD I have gone that way. Offline newspapers, easy lap read in a cab, whatever - its great. I thought I wanted a Macbook Air but with an iMAC for hardcore Photoshop etc,I am very happy.

    • Answered by Guy B from London
    • Jul 5, 2011