MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

I'm looking at getting a new laptop soon and I was just wondering if I should go with the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. I'm in University, so I will be using it to do research, write papers, view and make power points etc. I also have tons of music and browse the internet frequently. I'm worried if I get the air it won't run as smoothly as the pro if I'm doing a bunch of things at once and also I'm worried about how much storage there is. Most of my professors post notes online so I'm constantly saving things. What do you guys think: MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

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    I think you'll be fine with the Air. You only need the pro if you'll be doing heavy graphics related work.

    For what you're doing, the Air is fine. Plus you won't have to worry about charging it all day.

    As to the other poster, if you need more storage, just get a portable hd or use the cloud or get a flash drive. Problem solved

    • Answered by David F from Sherman Oaks
    • Jan 21, 2014
  • I wondered the same thing a few years ago and i bought the Macbook Air. I really love how super thin and light it is. It works great for most things but the hard drive was just to small. I'm now buying a Macbook Pro to replace it. The only advantages to the Air is it is cheaper and slightly thinner. Its just a question of is portability more important than hard drive space and are you willing to pay more for the Pro.

    • Answered by Michael G from Jefferson City
    • Oct 19, 2013