MacBook Pro 13 in. vs. 15 in.

I am trying to decide which MacBook Pro to purchase. I am in high school and want to use my MBP for schoolwork (word, powerpoint, excel, autocad, web browsing, youtube, etc.). I will not be downloading or playing any games on the computer. I also plan to use my MBP in college and who knows what that will be. I want the computer to be both portable and powerful. I will be taking it to and from school and all around. I also want the computer to be fast and "future proof" for college.

Here are my options. They both cost $1999, so no need to take price into consideration:

13" MacBook Pro with retina display
256 GB of storage
16 GB of RAM
2.8 GHz dual-core intel core i7

15" MacBook Pro with retina display
256 GB of Storage
8 GB of RAM
2.0 GHz quad-core intel core i7

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    I think that the 13" inch MBP would be best as it is the most powerful and the most portable. Th only downside is the smaller screen size.

    • Answered by Tom L
    • Jan 6, 2014