macbook pro 13 inch i5 or i7?

I have always been using a PC but i have decided to make the switch to mac. I think the macbook pro 13 inch is perfect for me, and affordable although i am trying to decide between the i5 or i7 ..I play sims 3 ocassionally but not always, and other than that i just download music and movies and surf the web. Which one will best suite my needs??

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    Always be fiscally responsible and spend within your means.

    That said: always buy as much computer as you can afford.

    The i5 is quite adequate for your current computing needs. However, software and the "state-of-technology" is changing quite rapidly world-wide. Apple hardware generally has more longevity (based on evidence of ownership trends and satisfaction) than Windows computers - particularly laptops.

    If you are the kind of user who generally buys new every couple of years, then save a little for your purchase in two years and get the i5 for today. If you are the kind of user who, if satisfied, doesn't upgrade -- and you will be satisfied with an Apple product ;) -- then buy the i7 so you have some horsepower to spare for whatever your computing needs may be down the road.

    • Answered by Bret G from Topeka
    • Jun 15, 2012