macbook pro 13" or macbook air 13" ?

im a high school student and i have a macbook white, i have used it for 2years and now i want to buy a new macbook. which macbook is comfort for me? i like to online, listen to music, and do a work as student
now i think macbook pro 13" is more comfort for me. now i have a question, what i7 did macbook pro use? 1st or 2nd geneation of i7 ? is it much different ?

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    I think the macbook pro 13" is the best for you. If you are on the go you don't want to be dragging around a 15 or 17 " laptop! the i7 processors are 2nd gen as well as all current macs

    • Answered by Connor S from Stratford
    • Apr 3, 2012
  • Hello, if you plan on going to college, I would personally purchase the Macbook Pro 15". The 13" will be entirely to small and you will see most of your peers with the 13". Plus the 15" is faster and can hold much more information than the 13".

    • Answered by Terrence P from Troy
    • Dec 20, 2011