Macbook pro 13 or Macbook air

I already have a macbook pro 15 inch and i find it too big. (Dont say macbook air right away). My main use of my MBP is Powerpoint, Word, surfing the web A LOT, using itunes but i don't have a lot of music but i have quite a bit of movies. To tell everyone the truth when i looked at how much memory i used it said about 105 gb. I really need to make a decision because i look at the pro and say cd drive and faster but then i look at the air and say i already have a pro and that the air is so thin.

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    Commenting on the previous answer: Flash based SSDs exceed the life expectancy of traditional hard drives by a fair margin. A recent model SSD has a mean time between failures of 26 YEARS. I am pretty sure you will upgrade PCs at least once a decade. In fact, I would say get the SSD regardless of which model you get unless you need a lot of storage.

    Faster isn't all that important when either one will be have Powerpoint waiting on you to press the next key. That is to say, you will be the bottleneck, not the cpu.

    The 13" display is the same, so both are equally useful for Powerpoint, watching movies, etc...

    The CD/DVD drive is fading fast from my usage. You may need one for burning more often than I do. Ask youself how often you really need it, and do you need it when traveling? This should probably be the deciding factor. If you use it a lot, get the pro. If you use it occasionally or "never when traveling," get the air (with the 256GB SSD since you already have 108GB occupied).

    Consider an external Hard drive for additional storage. a passport drive (or whatever Apple calls theirs) is tiny and requires no additional power source should you need to take it on the go. It won't be as fast as the SSD, but you can get a 1TB drive for <$100 and do quite well.

    • Answered by Verlon S from Cedar Creek
    • Apr 11, 2011
  • it depends on wether you do a lot of travelling or wether it just sits on your desk, if it sits on your desk i do not see the need of upgrading even if you take it too and from work every day the 15inch is great. if you are looking at travelling alot then maybe go with the mac air, it is really light thin and just portable in general. although the mac air is portable it has its down sides, no disk drive, small storage and small screen. if you find the macbook pro perfect for what you need it is the same as the pro 13 inch just bigger so that would give you portability. then of course there is always the macbook, my favourite of the apple range, it is the correct size, easily portable, fantastic features and capabilitys and is tied with the macbook air for the cheapest. in my opinion unless you travell lots and use it on the go everywear and also do not need a lot of capabilitys/features do not get an air. do not get a 13inch pro either because it is exactly the same as what you have. i would get the macbook because correct size needed, price is great especially for all of its capabilitys (the same as a macbook pro, the only difference is the pro is more expensiv and looks different(

    • Answered by Isaac D from Morphettville
    • Jun 3, 2011