MacBook Pro 13" top of the line processor enough? or 15" top of the line for longevity?

I work in production. I need to upgrade from my MacBook 2007 because it's too slow and I'm running lion on it which is taking up 1/2 my RAM capability.

I was thinning about getting the 13" MBP since i'm operating on 13' now and it's fine. My question is, if i skimp now to save $500 and get the dual processor instead of the quad in the 15" will the computer last as long before becoming obsolete?

My needs are being able to run a lot of programs at once and have the computer react immediately (i get the spinning color wheel now if i try to do too many things at once...)
Mail, ical, safari, word, excel, and preview all open at once while using the internet is generally a usual workload. any help is appreciated :)
I was thinking of getting the mac book air, but again, I need the computer to last a while if I'm spending up to $2200 on it as my job doesn't purchase my hardware.

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    its an upgrade, you definitely should go for the 15", for maximum productivity get larger(15") screen size laptop, if you have faster processor and huge ram it is much efficient to have larger screen so you could do more stuff comfortably at once. once you go 15" you will say that it was refreshing...

    • Answered by Angelo Bryan P from Las Pinas City
    • Feb 1, 2012