Macbook Pro 13/15 v Macbook Air

After 4 years I've decided to replace my 15" Macbook Pro but am unsure what to replace it with. I use my laptop primarily for word processing, email, internet, multimedia, and the occasional work with photoshop / iMovie. I work mostly at home, but will occasionally bring my notebook to the library or to a coffee shop to write. I don't have a TV, so it serves as my primary entertainment device at home as well. That said, I am okay with buying a large monitor so am less concerned with screen size.

I understand that any of the current offerings will easily accomplish these tasks, but I am trying to think long term. Whatever I buy now will need to meet my needs three years from now. I am worried that the Air will feel slow in a couple of years and I won't have a way to upgrade the ram.

Do I buy the Air, but max out the memory?
Buy the 13" MBP, knowing that I can upgrade the memory & the hdd (perhaps to an SSD) now or in the future?
Do I spring for the 15" MBP and take advantage of the better graphics and processor?
Or do I buy a 27" iMac and try to squeeze another year out of my MBP?

My budget is around $1700.

1 Answer from the Community

  • Any type of photoshop and imovie apps, anything graphically intensive, get a Imac. Don't even mess around with the laptops. They are meant for simpler things. Since you do not do too much editing, they would be okay for you. But just know, that a Fully upgraded Imac is cheaper than a medium upgraded MBP. :D

    • Answered by Ian W from Elmwood
    • Feb 6, 2014