MacBook Pro 17" VS 15"

HI I am going to buy a new PowerBook Pro but somehow just realized they don't make the 17" model anymore. The 15" is just too small so I am thinking about getting a refurbished one, does anyone have both and can convince me that the BRAND NEW 15" is that much better than the refurbed 17"? I can read the specs, but is it that big of a difference in speed, quality, etc?

Anyhelp would be appreciated and oh yeah the 15" is quite a bit more so I'd love to save some money if possible

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    While I don't own both models, I have used both the 17" and the 15" Retina. The 15" is hands down the better display. You can get a lot more stuff on the screen. Sure it's a "smaller" display physically, but you can pack more on to it. As far as spec's go, the 15" is like simple a joy to use. I never once waited for a program to "spin up". I could run 4 virtual machines and Windows on Parallels without a hitch. The main advantage of the 17" at this point is you can get a 2nd hard drive into the machine (if you remove the optical drive) and you can add more ram.

    The only reasons I would go with the 17" is if you've got:
    a.) Vision problems and need larger text on the screen.
    b.) You need to customize it with after market drives & memory.

    I use a 13" and I have no issue's with getting what I need on the screen for me to work.

    • Answered by James H from Fredericksburg
    • Jun 20, 2013