MacBook pro or iMac

A senior in college major in rehab and psyc, does some gaming such as star wars the old republic. Trying to decide between a 27 in iMac or a 15 in MacBook pro. Also the specifications I would want to choose. This would be my second apple product, I just got the iPad 2 un December and am mainly used to windows but would like to try apple.

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    Do you want to bring it to class or on the go? If you need portability, then go with the Macbook Pro. There is an iMac with the same specs as a Macbook Pro. And the same price. You can also buy the Macbook Pro, and then buy a monitor and then its like you have an iMac. I would recommend the Macbook Pro for you.

    • Answered by Cara R from Eau Claire
    • Jul 30, 2013