MacBook Pro retina vs MacBook air

Which is better to use for college, taking business, major in advertising?
MacBook Pro retina with 13 inch screen, 2.5 ghz i5, 256 ssd, 8 gb RAM or
MacBook Air with 13 inch screen, 2.0 ghz i7, 256 ssd, 8 gb RAM? I will eventually need photoshop for the advertising major, and Microsoft office. Please advise. Thanx.

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    Without a question its MacBook Pro. Before arrival of MacBook Pro with Retina display there was an advantage of weight for MacBook air but now the new MacBook Pro with retina display took over the advantage being almost close to the weight of an air with added superior performance!

    • Answered by Vijay D from Durham
    • May 19, 2013