MacBook Pro vs iMac..which is better to run adobe creativel suite 6 programs?

I'm a Graphic Design student and I own a 2009 MacBook pro. my laptop has the adobe cs6 programs installed on it but the only issue is that the memory is almost full..i had to buy an extra memory drive because i couldnt upload my pictures, art school work and other stuff that makes the memory full. despite that my laptop is still slow and when im using a program i can only open one at a time because if i open more than one the program starts to slow down and i have to force quit all the programs and loose the work i have done so far and constantly save every change i do. in terms of the price i dont mind it since whether i get one or the other i can still get a student discount. but i was wondering which is better to run adobe programs and any other heavy stuff i have without slowing the computer down. Thank you for the help in advance

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    If portability is not an issue for you, I would suggest you buy the new iMac, the one with dedicated video graphics cards with at least 1GB of memory. All models have 8GB of DDR3 memory at the minimum and at least 1TB of storage so they offer plenty of space for you to store your work. If you opt for a Macbook Pro, only the 15 inch models offer dedicated video cards and they cost a lot more. Why do you need dedicated video graphics cards? Simple - they take off a ton of workload from you memory banks so you have more memory space to handle multiple open programs.

    • Answered by Francis Cyril S. G from Iloilo City
    • Jan 16, 2014
  • You need more RAM, both the Pro and iMac will be excellent choices, it depends if you prefer portability or a nice big screen?

    • Answered by Luke Z from Dharruk
    • Oct 25, 2013