macbook pro vs ipad3

I'm a college student and I have wanted a MacBook pro forever. The new iPad 3's are amazing though, and considerably cheaper. If i only use my computer for notes and pictures and possibly textbooks this year, which would be the best option?

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  • I think your best choice would be to go with an Ipad 3 simply because your using it solely for notes and picture etc. It can store enough data for the year. If your worried about not having a keyboard, you can always purchase one thats attachable to your ipad, some even wirelessly, which can come in handy. However if your looking for a product to last you for the rest of college and possibly further in life, the macbook pro would be a more suitable fit. It can last you 7-8 years if treated properly and has more storage capacity and higher resolution and speed. You can do alot of the same stuff on the ipad 3 compared to a macbook pro

    • Answered by Evan M from Stratford
    • Aug 19, 2012
  • Best Answer:

    For a student, you should defiantly go with the MacBook Pro. Although the iPad is amazing it is still very hard to do all of your school work on it because it does does not have a keyboard.

    • Answered by Dean S from Encino
    • Jun 28, 2012